Climate Adaptation Education


Simplify the mountain of climate information!

Climate action is reaching the mainstream. There is a lot of information and news to decipher.

AdaptED will help you design and deliver curriculum and workshop pathways for your group.

What we offer!


Curriculum Design & Development

We simplify complex climate change content and make it more approachable.

Customized Climate Care Curriculum

Online or in-person. Climate change content can be confusing. We simplify and visualize it.
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Workshops & Facilitation

Begin a climate care dialogue. Ask questions and begin to put a community plan in place.

Good for Groups and Teams!

Online or in-person. Choose a workshop and begin to apply a climate care lens to your school, community, or business.
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ArcGIS StoryMaps

StoryMaps provide a GPS delivery strategy that helps visual global learning needs at a distributed and local level.

Case Studies for Learning

Online or in-person. ArcGIS StoryMaps can help your team visualize their needs.
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Different organizations have different burdens and capacities. What do you need?

Plan Ahead

Online or in-person. Let's talk about where to begin and how to help your group implement a climate care lens.
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It's not always easy being green!

Implementing a climate care lens requires some effort. Making the shift feels good once you get over the initial hump.

ID ID Inc. has developed a suite of workshops to help your group build a climate care lens into your class, school, community, or business.

The key is to start small. The local really is global.

Morgan! Ottawa Arboretum, 2023.

Join the movement. Control how you adapt.