Climate Adaptation Education

About Ingrid Dabringer

Ingrid Dabringer Learning Experience Designer

Ingrid has a broad experience in curriculum development. She has worked for the private sector and the government, but prefers education for youth and young adult learners.

Ingrid has turned her attention to climate literacy and health care as she takes on a social justice lens in her Digital Learning Experience Design Lens.


Build social impact learning solutions for meaningful change.


  • Locate ethical behaviours at the core of curriculum design and development.
  • Keep the end-user central to all decisions.
  • Good foundations make for stable structures.
  • If the system doesn’t make sense, then the outcomes won’t make sense.
  • Learning is a lifelong iterative process.
  • Storytelling is the foundation of learning.
  • Investing time upfront will save time in the end.

ID ID Inc is proud of:

Fast Analysis

Systems thinking allows us to see the layered systems in climate adaptation.

Designing Solutions

An empathic approach allows us to build meaningful solutions.


Strong auidovisual content is central to how people tell stories and learn.

Informed Practice

We use ADDIE, SAM, Design Thinking, and Backward Design approaches to achieve deep learning.

Technology Enabled Content (UI)

Technology is part of every solution, unfortunately. Ingrid has a deep and broad knowledge of CMS and LMS systems.

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